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Why Critical Race Theory?


When I was in high school, I took a two-year course from an accredited college professor called APUS. The APUS course at my high differed from many others, as it was under a dual credit program offering up to 16 units of transferrable college credit. This meant the students weren’t required to take the AP exam, and more importantly, the professor could teach curriculum of her choosing (as she wasn’t limited to the traditional high school AP US coursework). This class instilled a tremendous care and interest in social justice for me, as our professor chose to center much of the course around America’s imperialistic roots.

After taking this course, I am a huge supporter of critical race theory to be taught in k-12 history classes. Unfortunately, this view is now deeply politicized, but that’s another issue. I believe that hatred is taught, and if students aren’t fully briefed on the true history and oppressive systems of our country, it is very challenging for them to understand the racial war we are fighting today. I’ve made my attempt at educating people my age on the gruesome history of our country, but once you hit a certain age, people are very set in their “beliefs”. This frustrates me because people wouldn’t believe that POC are lazy drug addicts if they knew that crack-cocaine was planted in inner-city communities by Nixon just so he could criminalize black people and imprison then. I think CRT in our schools would give students a necessary holistic view of our country’s history — both good and bad.

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