Bring me to life.

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Life Motes are an important resource in New World that will allow players to refine gems. They are especially important for Alchemy and Stonecutting. While they can be found by searching crates throughout the game, there are other, more reliable, ways to get your hands on Life Motes.

In this guide, we will run through the various locations and sources of Life Motes in New World. You will need them to make Cut Diamond and Onyx, Eternal Heart, Life Wisp, and other items.


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Lifebloom can be found in the game’s earlier locations like Windsward, and also in Monarch’s Bluff. You will need a sickle and Level 30 in Harvesting to be able to harvest this particular plant. It is a good idea to harvest it every time you see it to ensure you have a ready supply of the resource.


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Lifejewel is a type of ore that will spawn in the Great Cleave, Restless Shore, and Morning Vale. You will need to have Level 100 in Mining to be able to mine this ore, but you can boost your mining level by mining any lower levels of ores that you come across.


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Lifemoth can be found in Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Shattered Mountain. You will need to have the Harvest Sickle to harvest them.