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Skybound and Ameet Publishing Partner for LEGO Comic Book Deal

Skybound and AMEET have announced a partnership to launch LEGO branded comics. The first comic will debut in 2022 and be published by Image and Skybound.

It’ll be interesting to see what is released and what can be released. LEGO has licensing deals with Marvel and DC and it’s unknown if this deal would allow Skybound to release comics featuring those properties.

This is a big step for Skybound which has been slowly moving into licensed comics and entertainment moving beyond their creator-owned roots. The publisher has released comics based on video game properties and has dipped its toes into crowdfunding. Over the years, the company has been expanding itself beyond its roots in comic releases by founder Robert Kirkman expanding the creators whose comics are being released under the publishing label, moving into television, video games, merchandise, board games, and more.

The first LEGO comic release will be announced in the coming months.

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