What to Expect at Space Camp

What Not to Do at Family Space Camp

Hey there, fellow
travelers! Today, we’re talking about what NOT to do when you go to Space Camp. My son and I recently went to
Family Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. We had a great time, but there are
some things you should not do when you go to the Huntsville Space Camp.

Expect Any Downtime

The Space Camp schedule is pretty intense.
You’re on the go every moment, so don’t go in expecting to have any time to
relax. From 7 am until 9 pm every day, you will be busy. There are so many cool
activities and simulations, and you won’t want to miss any of them. In addition
to the activities, there’s also a really cool museum at the Space Camp.

Close Your Eyes on the MAT

One of the cool things to do at Space Camp is
the MAT or Multi-Axis Training. It’s like a gyroscope that spins you around in
every direction. It may be tempting to close your eyes, but don’t! Keeping your
eyes open will help prevent you from getting dizzy or sick.

Space Camp is serious fun for all ages.

Be Over 260 Pounds to Do the Activities

Many of the activities have a weight limit of
260 pounds, including the MAT. It’s better to know this ahead of time, rather
than finding out when you arrive and be disappointed.

Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You’ll have a trainer with you the whole time
and their job is to help you have a good time. So, if you have questions, ask
them! Depending on the length of your Space Camp experience, you may have one
or two trainers. Our trainer, Hannah, was awesome! Now, if you have super
scientific questions, don’t ask the trainer. Save those questions for the
scientists in the white coats!

Expect Luxury Accommodation

You don’t get to stay in a lunar module or
anything super cool like that, but you stay in what’s called a habitat. They
have bunk beds for sleeping, and the mattresses aren’t exactly plush. If this
sounds like torture, you don’t have to stay in the habitat; there’s a Marriott
right next store that you can stay at.

Mission control says all is a go.

Forget to Bring a Lock

If you do stay in the habitat, don’t forget to
bring a lock. The doors to the habitat are not locked, so you will get a locker
to store your luggage and belongings. However, you’ll need a lock for the
locker as they are not provided.

Forget to Bring a Water Bottle

You’re on the go all day at Space Camp, and
you want to stay hydrated. The easiest way to do this is to bring a water
bottle and refill it frequently throughout the day.

Shop Before Space Camp

You may get to the gift shop and want to buy
up everything. But they actually give you a T-shirt for participating in Space
Camp, so it’s best to wait until after Space Camp to buy any souvenirs.

Souvenirs: What Not to Buy While Traveling

Forget to Pack Layers

Space Camp is not all indoors; you will be
outside some of the time. In the summer, it will be hot and humid. Other times
of the year, it can be cloudy, rainy or cold, so be sure to pack accordingly.
Also, don’t forget to pack closed-toe shoes as they are required for space
camp. If you are staying in the habitat, don’t forget to pack flip-flops for
the shower.

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Worry About the Food at Space Camp

The cost of Space Camp includes your meals.
Yes, it’s cafeteria-style food at Space Camp. But, it’s not your typical
cafeteria food. They rotate the menu through several different countries. Lunch
might be American, while dinner is Russian or Chinese. The food is actually
pretty good, too! Fortunately, or unfortunately, you won’t be eating “astronaut
food” at Space Camp.

Space Camp is non-stop fun.

Bring Snacks from Home

Many people need snacks to get through the
hours between lunch and dinner, but you aren’t allowed to bring food from
outside. However, they do have plenty of vending machines and they also sell
snacks in the gift shop.

Forget to Bring Single Dollar Bills

Don’t forget to bring cash when you come to
Space Camp, especially single dollar bills. If you want to hit up those vending
machines for a snack, you’ll need singles to pay for everything.

Eat in the Habitat

Even if you buy snacks on-site, you should not
eat them in your sleeping room in the habitat. This is just common sense to
avoid creating any pest issues in the sleeping areas.

Think Space Camp is Just For Kids

Yes, there is a special Space Camp for kids,
but there are other options. Space Camp is fun for everyone. They have special
adult Space Camp sessions, or you can join the family Space Camp as we did. Of
course, there are kid-specific Space Camps, too. I really enjoyed it and would
recommend it to anyone else thinking about going.

Don’t Expect to Find a Lot of Information Online

The Space Camp website is a bit dated. It can
be hard to find any good information online about Space Camp. Some of this is
intentional, as it’s much more fun to discover some of the surprises for

Camp is a really fun experience, especially visiting Space Camp with my
eight-year-old son. Even if you don’t visit Space Camp when you’re in
Huntsville, visiting the museum is well worth the trip! Hopefully, these
“don’ts” give a good idea of what not to do and help you prepare for your own
Space Camp adventure. Looking for more tips on family travel? Check out these
blog posts!

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