Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell apologized to network colleague Jessica Tarlov Friday, after the two engaged in a heated shouting match.

After claiming that President Donald Trump has “surrounded himself” with “criminals,” McDowell started to shout at Tarlov.

“Why are you yelling, Dagen?!” replied Tarlov, to which McDowell said, “You want people thrown in jail because they like Donald Trump!”

“Tell her to go easy!” Tarlov requested, before the two commentators entered a heated yelling match.

“I do not want to jail Trump supporters. That is not what’s going on here, Dagen, and I really wish you’d take that back,” complained Tarlov. “What I’m saying, and I am not alone here, there’s bipartisan agreement that someone like Paul Manafort had this coming. He spent years doing dirty deals in Ukraine and in Russia.”

The fight was eventually shut down, and later on in the show McDowell apologized to Tarlov.

“I apologize for yelling at you earlier,” she said, adding, “We’re friends, and I’m a yeller.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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