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The World’S Most Intractable Conflict

The World’s most Intractable conflict


History has been a testament to the fact that Land has always been a reason for strife.Even after years of statehood provided to Israel, the Middle East has shown no sign of Peace.The anger and dispute involved in the war have proved to be benefitting none and have only resulted in the loss of lives of the civilians who have been dwelling there. The question which triggers the civilians is when this bloodshed will continue?


The 1897 Zionist Movement started by Jews to establish their state in their ancestral homeland, led to their settlement in Palestine in large numbers.Further the balfour Declaration led to the establishment of the Jewish Homeland. It was only during 1930’s the rise of Nazi in Germany led to increased influx of Jews.

This was seen by the Arabs as a threat to their homeland and hence continued a series of long wars between Isreal and the Arab Countries in which Isreal emerged victoriously. This marked the Expansionist policy of Israel and the beginning of Palestine’s refugee crisis which led to the creation of PLO in 1964.

In between these incidents we saw the rise of two groups: Hamas and the Fatah. Hamas (Islamist Militant Group) rose for the liberation of Palestine and it did not recognize Isreal as a State, supported by Iran and Syria. It controls Gaza. Fatah was a faction of the PLO and was supported by the Western Nations. It controls West Bank.


It was only in 1987 the two nations witnessed the Uprisings (First Intifada) as Israel increased its settlement on West Bank and Gaza, which was followed by the Oslo Peace accord mediated by the US & Russia which based the concept of two-state nations and led PLO to recognized Israel and Israel giving Independence to the occupied territories of Palestine.

But afterward, the talks failed and this gave rise to the 2nd Uprisings in the 2000s which were more violent and killed many civilians. After this Israel planned unilateral disarmament and forces was withdrawn from Gaza and Northern Western Bank. However, during the Oslo Peace Accord tensions were seen between Hamas and the Fatah for the political power. On the one side where Fatah Accepted the Peace accord, Hamas did not accept the same.

US and Jerusalem

Now, many have talked about the significant role of the US in facilitating the talks and the importance of Jerusalem. Palestine has always questioned the credibility of the US as a mediator and also the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has criticized the US for vetoing most of the Security Council decisions which are critical of Israel. Further Trump regime saw more inclination towards Israel.

The importance of Jerusalem can be seen as it straddles between the borders of Israel and the West bank. It is the center of the holiest sites of both Judaism and Islam which makes it important for both the nation demanding it to be under their respective control.

International Response

The newly appointed American President decided to take a diplomatic approach to the situation and has decided to stick to a time-worn US playbook despite pressure from progressive Democrats for a tougher line toward Israel and from America’s allies for a more active role to end the violence.

While American senator Andrew Yang tweeted and openly voiced his support to Israel and even categorized Palestine as terrorists. Didn’t know fighting for your land makes one a terrorist and looks like the citizens agreed to and hence what followed was a series of tweets informing him how to differentiate between terrorists and people fighting for a cause.The same enthusiasm and support were shown by the people of France in rallies supporting Palestine but it looks like the French government wasn’t feeling it and decided to ban any protests in support of Palestine.

While Russia went a step ahead and President Vladimir Putin warned that the current escalation between Israel and Palestine poses a direct threat to Russia’s security. And warned Israel of war if the indiscriminate killing of Gaza civilians is not stopped.

India’s response

And as for India, the country known for condemning terrorism voiced its support in favor of Palestine in what could be termed as a politically correct statement.

T.S. Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN said: “In conclusion, India reiterates its strong support for the just Palestinian cause and its unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.”

Even though he reaffirmed its support for Palestine, he stopped short of making any direct reference to the status of Jerusalem or the future Israel-Palestine borders. A diplomatic approach to save the Indian-Israeli trade relationship while keeping its image intact.

Sign of Hope

As it is very clear that the discord has time and again brought tension in the region along with mass destruction and loss of lives. The long-term peace process can only be a viable option left and it is time for all the international community to come forward and find a just and peaceful solution for this intractable conflict.

These heart-wrenching quotes and pictures tell us the horrific stories of Palestine as it burns.

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