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Royal Family News: Prince William And Kate Middleton The Ultimate Power Couple

Royal Family

Prince William British Royal family news reveals who can believe that it’s been a decade since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their worldwide famous walk to the altar and got married. Almost ten years before their marriage, the couple met as freshmen at St. Andrews University. Kate and William became friends in 2001, but it wasn’t until William saw Kate proudly marching down the runway for a charity event that sparks began to fly.

They shared an apartment with friends during their second year, and that was when things started to get a little more interesting. Their relationship was a rocky one, with the media acting as a third wheel to the couple’s love story every step of the way.

The couple-to-be briefly broke up in 2007, with Kate later saying that it was a very trying time for her.

Fast-forward to three years later, and we know what happened. Kate got to wear Diana’s emerald ring and their love was cemented. At the time of the engagement, the media harshly dubbed her ‘waity Katie.’

But William and Kate have shown the unwilling press and the rest of the world that theirs is a true love story. And even in time, the haters came to realize that waiting to get a story that’s not about love from the couple is a waste of time.

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William And Kate Proves That They’re The Power Couple

Kate took up her role as a royal with grace, without stepping one foot out of line. She soon fell into people’s good books and her popularity widely increased. She is also known to dress fashionably and combine her pieces in a way that makes her adoring audience go ‘wow.’

In 2013, the couple gave birth to Prince George, who promptly took Harry’s place as third in line to the throne. Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis followed in 2015 and 2018, also taking their spots as fourth and fifth in line to the British Throne.

It’s been a decade since becoming a member of the royal family and Kate never broke a sweat as she went around with her husband by her side and performed her royal duties. It is reported that William is perfectly fine and happy to have Kate share the stage with him, and he is known to be protective of Kate.

As for parenting, the couple truly excelled in it. They’ve shared pictures of their adorable family with the world, and know this, every single year during mother’s day, George, Charlotte and Louis make a card for Diana, for their father William.

Katie Nicholl, author of Kate: The Future Queen said that Kate has grown to become a royal in her own right. From a hesitant first public speech in 2012 to the Zoom queen she is today, she’s growing and constantly peeling off everything that’s weighing her down and keeping her from blossoming into the queen she hopes to one day become.

“She seems more confident and outgoing. I think that’s an age thing – she turns 40 next January – but I also think she has really found her feet and that’s reflected in this new confidence.” Nicholl said.

Nicholl also added that Kate’s main strength “is certainly her ability to connect with people from all walks of life – she’s likeable and relatable and it’s lovely to see her show a bit more of that side of her personality.”

“William seems more and more like a King-in-waiting to me. He is happier and more confident about the future with Kate by his side and, I think, more serious these days – that’s not a negative, more an observation. He knows the preparation is underway for a new reign – he wants to live up to expectations and, I think, probably surpass them.” Nicholl said of William.

The couple has proven themselves that they’re always ready to support their people in whatever is the best way, they’ve lived a life of untiring duty, they’re the power couple that’s always supportive of each other, and they’ve topped it all up by being amazing parents, not only to their children, but to children everywhere, recognizing their needs and the role they would play in developing the future.

William and Kate Shared Their own Struggles And Strengths During The Pandemic

During the pandemic that caused the lockdowns which further made life harder for many people, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to take it upon themselves to share what they’ve had to deal with as they adjusted to life under lockdown and also offered support to the people during the pandemic.

“Many of us will be apart from our loved ones, but looking forward to a time in the not too distant future when we can give our mother a hug again. But for those experiencing bereavement, today may be particularly challenging,” the royals shared during Mother’s Day.

They further shared the struggles they went through trying to homeschool their children, with William joking that Year 2 maths tried to defeat him.

Prince William, Kate and their three children clapped for carers during the first lockdown. Images of Prince Louis covered in paint after drawing a rainbow for the NHS and Princess Charlotte delivering packages of homemade pasta to isolated pensioners on the Sandringham Estate were shared.

Prince William and Kate have also taken it upon themselves to meet and greet these Frontline heroes that kept working while everybody else shielded from the pandemic.

“I think we’ve seen them both grow into their roles with more happiness and confidence. They seem more settled than ever,” Nicholl commented.

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