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Royal Family News: Kate Middleton The Royal Family’S Best Hope For A Survivable 2021?


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Kate MiddletonBritish royal family news reveals that 2021 could be the year that Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, wields her most powerful influence on the monarchy yet.

Her insufferable sister-in-law Meghan Markle did her part to wreck the royal family this year and was a big part of the reason their image took a huge hit. But believe it or not boastful Meghan actually threw shade at Kate for being a foo-foo princess while she, Meghan Thee Great, compared herself to She-Ra the princess of power.

And yet it will likely be modest yet truly powerfully Kate who plays a huge part in rebuilding the royal family and dare we say it, its brand.

Royal Family News: Princess Kate Has Power That Meghan Markle Can’t Even Dream Of

In the past year, give or take a few weeks, the royals have incurred major damage. In November 2020 disgraced Prince Andrew blew any chance of redeeming himself by submitting to an interview with the BBC. He meant to clear the air about his relationship with dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein but instead came off as a buffoon who claimed there was no way he could have had sex with an underage girl because he doesn’t sweat.

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Is A Royal Embarrassment

He did so well at trying to explain himself and his dubious behavior (he is wanted for questioning by the FBI) that the queen had no choice but to oust him from public life.

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Then in January Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly blindsided the Queen and Prince Charles by announcing on social media that they were running off to America because the royals were emotionally mean plus keeping them from making a decent wage.

Next came COVID and both Prince Charles and Prince William were afflicted. Through it all Kate Middleton appeared as a breath of fresh air, appearing in countless virtual appearances to cheer on the working heroes and encourage the public to keep strong.

Royal Family News: Katherine Middleton The Great

The other senior royals did their part: the Queen, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Charles, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Countess of Wessex, and Princess Anne. But it was Kate who came out as somehow relatable and regal all at the same time, in spades.

She is the one who will next be queen and lead the nation. Is she up to the task? Thousand times yes. She has already proven that.

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