As a shopper, you have probably abandoned plenty of carts yourself. As a retailer, you often wish more people would actually complete a purchase instead of leaving their carts behind.  That is because shopping cart abandonment is one the biggest drain on your profit potential.

So, how can we minimize the possibility of cart abandonment and win back some of those lost sales?

There are a lot of areas to navigate and improve. However, sending cart recovery emails is one of the most effective ways that we have seen from our hard-won experience. According to Omnisend, 46% of people will open cart abandonment emails, 13% click on the email, and 35% of people who click end up buying something.

If you are looking for a smart tool to lower the bad rate of cart abandonment and boost sales, Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 will give you a helping hand.

In this post, we will analyze the benefits of having an abandoned cart email module to your business and explain the reason why Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email by Mageplaza is a must-have extension for your store site.

Cart abandonment – a terrible nightmare with businesses

As we know, shopping abandoned cart is a common phenomenon with every e-commerce platform, and Magento is not an exception. Due to different reasons like complicated checkout, shipping fee, etc., online shoppers drop items to the shopping cart, then leave the site before completing the sale.

Unfortunately, the abandonment rate is increasing with current estimates showing that 70% to 80% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, amounting to roughly $4 trillion in lost sales.

More than a problem that can be eliminated permanently, this is an unavoidable situation in which online merchants can decrease its rate to the minimum chance.

An abandoned shopping cart does not automatically translate to a “lost sale”. We can still remind them to come back and finish their order before they go too far by a friendly email notice. Surprisingly, email reminders for abandoned carts is a wonderful saver:

  • Around three-fourths of shoppers say they plan to return to the retailer’s website and make a purchase if they are reminded about their abandoned cart.
  • Savvy online retailers can potentially save more than 60% of uncompleted carts after sending reminder emails.

By default, Magento store owners can get notified about abandoned carts and then email customers about this. However, doing this manually can be time-consuming and even inconvenient in many ways.
Therefore, an automatic technology that helps retailers collect and leverage online shopping cart data is a worthwhile investment. 

The outstanding benefits of having a smart abandoned cart email

The idea behind an abandoned cart module is that it will function as an automatic chain of email. Customers who leave the cart unfinished to return to your store for purchasing will receive this encouraging email. Now, let image the simple sequence of the way abandoned cart email works.

  • Customers visit your site and find their favorite items.
  • After some minutes, they drop the items to cart but leave your website without placing an order
  • Later on, an email comes and reminds them about the cart that they have skipped
  • Customers are happy to complete the order soon. Sweet coupon code attached in the email would be a big motivation for cart completion.

Believe us, automatically abandoned cart email will be your secret to strengthen your sales circle.

Below are the four benefits that can be seen obviously:

Augment sales revenue by the increased number of completed orders

Cart abandoned emails are a helpful tool to close the deal. E-consultancy has cited that one delivered will add more than $8 to the business’ revenue.

Besides, these emails can also lead to an increase in the average order value of the purchase. That is because abandoned cart emails often contain personalized product recommendations in the form of upsell or cross-sell.

Return outflow of money by automatically catchy reminders 

Some people blame cart abandonment as a sign of weakness in business operation. But, cart abandonment, in many cases, shows intent buying. Actually, before a user becomes a customer,  there is a period of consideration, in which prospective purchasers do not complete carts. By sending email reminders in such critical time, either to show your kind concern toward customers or assist them in the shopping journey with useful information, hesitated purchasers will thank your care and return to your store with completed orders. It is clear that the lost revenue in the pre-purchase period can be saved with a thoughtful email.

Reduce additional cost and time for customer acquisition

Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one?  To get rid of extra budget spending for acquiring new customers, why do not you try to use follow-up email retargeting? Ideally, instead of heavily investing in paid ads, promotion programs for outside traffic, you can nature the organic traffic who have already been close to the deal.

Cart abandoners are sophisticated buyers. Approximately, more than half of them are 3X more likely to buy due to the proper cart reminder strategy.

Enhance customer experience and relationships

Using the cart abandonment emails, you can find out why the shopper abandoned his/her cart. With this information, you can improve customer experience by showing your responsibility for the customer and finding them a personal solution.

Moreover, with personalized emails, you closely interact with customers, let them view your brand as relevant and helpful, and promote your brand’s personality. That all helps to increase your customers’ trust and loyalty in your brand, resulting in a higher likelihood of future purchases.

Outstanding features of Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Emails

Easy to customize email configuration

With Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email, store admin can generate unlimited emails with the specific sending time, sender’s title, and email template.

Also, from this section, you can easily remove or add any abandoned cart emails with just a few clicks.

Email logs

To help store admin manage abandoned cart email effectively, Mageplaza has designed an abandoned cart email grid to save all of the essential information in one place. From this, you can not only view details such as email subject, receiver, coupon code, etc. but also take specific actions on an email including to preview, to delete and to send again.

Automatically create discount codes

Just by some simple setting at the backend, the admin can create specific coupon rules applied for respective types of abandoned cart email. That means you can give kind treats to hundreds of people at the same time without wasting too much effort. Also, to get the coupon code work precisely, some necessary rules such as coupon validation, code length, code format, etc., can be personalized by the store owner.

Abandoned Cart Analytics

Being integrated with Google Analytics eCommerce, this module assist admins in tracking and identifying the address back to abandoned carts quickly.

Abandoned Cart Report

Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email provides a clear report of cart abandonment situation and abandoned cart performance. With this report, store admins can quickly keep track of the simple figures such as the total of abandoned carts, emails sent, error emails, successfully recovered carts.

Besides, all abandoned products with name, SKU, price, abandoned time, quantity, and abandoned revenue is also reported in a clear manner.

Shopping Behavior Analysis

Another practical feature supported by Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email is Shopping Behavior Analysis. It helps the admin to know customer’ activities before abandonment moment. With this report, store owners can understand the customer’s behavior and make proper enhancements.

Cart board

To help you sort our abandoned cart easier, Abandoned Cart Email by Mageplaza include Cart Board function for better management. Right in the cart board, you can arrange these carts by following categories, namely Real Time, Abandoned, Recoverable, and Converted.

Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email full feature list

For store admins

  • Create eye-attractive abandoned cart email chains to catch shopper attention
  • Ability to  use pre-made email templates
  • Configure  time, sender and template for the email
  • Add coupons in an email
  • Delete abandoned cart emails
  • Utilize Google Analytics to keep track the link which brings back shoppers to the shopping carts
  • Set coupon rules, coupon code, and coupon validation
  • Take advantage of a grid  to manage abandoned cart email subjects, receivers, coupon codes, sequence number, sending date and email status
  • Review the email sent to each individual
  • Ability to send emails again
  • Keep updated and review by Overall Report
  • Abandonment Checkout Report with details
  • Abandoned Product Report
  • Shopping Behavior Analysis
  • Upload the image for the label Cart Board
  • Abandoned Cart Email extension is highly compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Google Analytics, SMTP, GDPR, Reports.

For customers

  • Receive personalized reminders about forgotten shopping carts with a full list of items
  • Get the abandoned cart recovered by a click
  • Being offered with coupon code as a discount for the abandoned cart

This is the guest post contributed by Daisy from Mageplaza Team.

Daisy is a Mageplaza content writer, who loves to write about business solutions. She believes in the power of words and how a message can inform and even transform its intended audience.