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Latest Steam Client Update Significantly Improves Va Api Hardware Decoding On Linux


Valve today released a new Steam Client update for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, to address some annoyances and improve VA API hardware decoding on Linux.

The new Steam Client update comes less than a month after the previous update, which added support for VA API hardware decoding on Linux, to significantly improve the VA API (Video Acceleration API) hardware decoding for Linux gamers using Steam’s Remote Play feature for playing local multiplayer games online.

Also for Linux gamers, the new Steam Client release updates the Linux runtime ‘scout’ to version 0.20211207.0, with support for the WebP image format in SDL2_image, fixes a problem with the start directory, which could sometimes be incorrect when launching devkit titles , along with the ability to report an error cleanly if a devkit title is configured without a command line.

This update also improves the Steam Overlay to better support more DirectX 12 games, improves the Remote Play feature to save touch control settings in the Steam Link app, and improves the Shader Pre-Caching feature due to crash address that occurred when there were too many (>64k) cache files.

Apart from that, the Steam Cloud feature now supports switching between two games/apps that use shared cloud storage, such as Terraria and tModLoader, and improves library storage of collections and shelves. In addition, the Steam Library now correctly displays game images in collections and shelves.

Last but not least, the new Steam Client update improves on Steam Input by fixing Unity games to detect controllers on startup and adding the “Controller Configuration” item to the “Manage Game” context menu.

You can update your Steam Client to the new version released today by going to the “Check for Steam Client Updates” option in the Steam menu. The new Steam Client update will also be downloaded and installed automatically the next time you launch the application.

Last updated 4 days ago

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