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Information About Tenancy Agreement

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Tenancy agreement is made for fixed term. Fixed term tenancy agreement cannot be terminated.

Extending tenancy agreement for June

In most of furnished apartments it is possible to extend the tenancy agreement until the end of June for free. This concerns only tenancy agreements that expire 31.5. (excluding some addresses). As in these exchange student apartments the whole year’s rents are paid in 9 months, there is no rental payment in June. Each spring, Hoas will send information regarding this to tenants who have this extension option.

Extension for June is not possible in the following addresses:

  • Miestentie 2
  • Junailijankuja 5
  • Välimerenkatu 11

Extending the tenancy agreement

If your exchange has been extended, for example from autumn term to spring term, and you want to continue living in your Hoas apartment, please contact Hoas exchange student services as soon as possible. After you have received confirmation from Hoas that your agreement can be extended please note the following:

  • All payments need to be in order.
  • You need to sign the extension contract that Hoas sends before the dead line.
  • If there are any outstanding rent payments or other fees the tenancy agreement cannot be extended.

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