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Equity, Diversity And Inclusion


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Data Domain

Institutional Research and Office of the Chancellor


The UNCG Climate Dashboard is an interactive tool that provides disaggregated equity, access, and climate indicators for faculty and staff to inform equity, diversity, and inclusion assessment, evaluation, and strategic priorities. The data are sourced from the ModernThink Employee Engagement Survey, 2018 and 2020.


The UNCG Climate Dashboard is developed in Tableau. To access the dashboard the user must be granted the appropriate access permission. In addition, the dashboard can only be accessed from a UNCG network and using your UNCG userid and password.

Are you unable to access the dashboard? Request access here!

Security Profile

Moderate Risk. While there is no sensitive information displayed in the dashboard, the underlying data were gathered under contractual terms by ModernThink and are subject to usage under those terms.

Ownership / Provenance

The requester of this dashboard is Andrea Hunter, Chancellor’s Fellow for Campus Climate.

Version History

November 2021, first release.

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