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Does The Cranberry Juice Diet Really Work?


Cranberry is known as the super-fruit packed with innumerable health benefits. Through this article, we aim to prove the functionality of cranberries. Ruffle through this piece to know more…

Cranberry juice is a part of the detox diet regimen which aids the system in flushing out toxins from the body. The bacteria continue to multiply in the body, however when the growth is excess, the body in turn has increasing toxicities. It is due to the natural cleansing properties in the body that stop working. At this stage cranberry juice comes to the rescue as it is endowed with the property of being non adhesive in nature.

Through cranberry juice consumption the bacteria stop multiplying. Cranberries are also known to be a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and K, potassium and manganese. In order to cleanse the kidneys, the consistency of proanthocyanidin coupled with antioxidants in the body helps in performing the toxin flushing out function. Cranberry juice diet is meant to detoxify the body, thus cleansing the system and aiding the body to remain healthy. Using cranberry juice to detoxify, could be one of the best ways to gently cleanse the body.

How can Cranberry Juice Benefit You

Cranberry juice diet is especially useful as a detox diet and is also helpful in treating UTI or urinary tract infection. In this section of the article we discuss how the consumption of cranberry juice can improve the condition. Well, we do claim that cranberry juice works, but how and what is all in the juice that makes it function the way it does.

What cranberry juice does is to alleviate the body’s immune system. It proves to serve the defense mechanism. Cranberries are equipped with phytochemicals and polyphenol antioxidants which are known to uplift defense mechanisms, fight teeth troubles and prevent cancer and disorders associated with the immune system.

The urinary tract infection may affect the flushing out ability of the body. The urine is a fluid excreted out of the body, which carries bacteria along the urethra. It is when the bacteria are not washed away and resolve to enter the bladder, a urinary tract infection occurs. The reason why bacteria finds an entrance is due to the fact that the barrier that was supposed to be made by urine and the defense mechanisms has not been developed.

Proanthocyanidin minerals in the cranberry juice wash off the infection that is caused by the bacteria referred to as E.coli and thus helps in building the immunity system through which urinary tract infection can be treated. UTI is more prevalent in women than in men, probably because the distance that the bacteria have to cover from the urethra to the bladder is considerably less in women than in men. Also, it may be added that UTI may be caused due to genetic factors as it may be termed a condition that correlates with your family history.

Cranberry Juice Recipes

The best way to have cranberry juice is to have it virgin. It may taste too tangy to tolerate and may feel too rough on the tongue, however this is the best way to consume cranberry juice. When we say virgin, we mean 100% pure unadulterated cranberry juice. Pure cranberry juice works well even when the urinary tract infection has developed. Cranberry supplements or tablets can also be administered, however, they are effective to prevent the urinary tract infection and do not lend a helping hand in treating the condition.

Recipe #1

To make the juice edible for a start, you may add 1 teaspoon each of psyllium fiber and apple pectin with one part of pure cranberry juice. Blend the ingredients well and have the concoction 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recipe #2

Here is another recipe that you may try to accustom your taste buds with the juice. All you need is 2 to 3 orange slices, a pinch of salt, a cup of water and sugar. Place a saucepan filled with water and let it boil. Maintain a medium flame and throw in the orange slices and berries. Consider work half completed when the cranberries sprout out. You may lay the saucepan off the flame and pour it in another saucepan covered with cheese cloth. Drain the juice through the cloth so that the pulp is separated from the juice. Add sugar as per your taste. You may choose to have it as it is or after refrigerating it for sometime and have it before meals.

Also, here are some pointers you may bear in mind when following the diet in question.

  • Have lukewarm water, first thing in the morning and make an attempt to have plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Stay on a vegetarian diet with green leafy vegetables and fruits served on your platter.
  • After two to three weeks, you may introduce only cranberry juice without its accompaniments.
  • By then, you do develop an acquired taste for the juice to be consumed undiluted.

This regimen will also help you in losing weight safely as the toxins are flushed out from the system.

Cranberry juice should not be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also, if you suffer from kidney stones, consuming cranberry juice may not be advisable. Consult your medical practitioner before you introduce cranberry juice diet in your regimen.

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