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Auto Diagnostic Guru


Have you ever been stranded in a broken-down car?

Or stuck at home with a non-functional car?

You have consulted technicians and paid hefty fees to inspect and determine the root cause or issue.

And after inspection, if found that specific car components are damaged, the cost can be expensive for the vehicle parts replacement.

We have all been in these situations, and we often think about “how can we prevent them before they are damaged”?

At Auto Diagnostic Guru, we’re here to share simple guides and beneficial information related to the car parts’ function and its components. A DIY guide for self car maintenance, wherein you’d be able to run your own DIY car diagnostic tests to determine the issue before you have to contact a professional for help.If the observation and diagnosis are performed in the initial stage before the problem occurs, which could prevent a secondary malfunction before the vital components are damaged, giving you control over the decision-making process of whether the car parts component is necessary for replacement.

Feel free to explore our varied list of informational guides to begin your journey in becoming self-sufficient.

Prep up for situations where our options for finding professional help are finite due to various factors, such as geographical location, time of the day, accessibility to specific car parts, etc.

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