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The acoustic testing of the Hungarian House of Music, carried out by the world-famous Japanese Nagata Acoustics, was successful.

András Batta, the managing director of the Hungarian Music House, reported to MTI that the acoustic testing was entrusted to the Nagata Acoustics office, which worked on the acoustic setup of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and the Philharmonie de Paris, in addition to several large concert halls in Japan. 

The acoustic testing of the Hungarian House of Music was also particularly exciting because the building is largely made of glass, with a facade of 94 individually manufactured and thermally insulated panels approaching a height of 12 meters in some places. The glass isn’t too conducive to acoustics because the sound bounces off these flat surfaces, he noted. 

According to András Batta, it turned out that the world-famous Japanese architect Fujimoto Suu, who designed the building, took acoustic issues into account, so the sound was better than expected. The acoustic quality was even the same throughout the hall, and the musicians could also hear themselves and each other well on stage, which is not the case in every concert hall, he said.

The House of Hungarian Music will be able to host classical, jazz, world, folk and light music concerts, and an open-air stage for 200 people has been set up on the roof, he said.

Batta emphasized that the Hungarian House of Music will operate as a real music initiation institution, with unusual music pedagogical activities and permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as concerts and events. 

An exhibition space is also being built underground, with a unique sound dome the size of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world, he said, adding that projectors, a 360-degree screen and speakers have already been installed.

According to the director’s report, the permanent exhibition will offer a musical history tour in a special, interactive installation, with 1,000 square meters of thematic space including hundreds of musical details, film playbacks, animation and other multimedia content.

We are sticking to the schedule, so the testing of the house can start within a few weeks, and the construction will be completed this year. The House of Hungarian Music will open its doors to the general public at the beginning of next year, the director said.

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