When the cool winds blow, when the pretty Christmas decorations reflect the cheerful festive spirit, when beautiful tree lights can be seen from people’s windows, when the Christmas carols are echoing in the air, and families gather to enjoy full house feasts, when you can see the brand new year right around the corner, that’s when you know the month of lights is here. Yes, it’s December.

December is where the story of a year stops, when it all comes to a conclusion, when you can see the line drawn between an ending and a new beginning, and you are to choose what to hold on to, to bring along to your new ride, and what to let go of and leave behind. That’s the definition of December, and the reasons why it is the best month of the year are numerous, but let’s start with these 7 reasons…


Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s full of colours, celebrations, songs, presents, decorations; happiness is simply flying in the air. December is the month that brings Christmas home, and Christmas brings families together. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, no one is immune to the infectious positive vibes. Nothing beats curling up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket and a bowl of cookies to watch a classic Christmas movie like Home Alone for instance. Life just can’t get any better.

Parties…It’s an over dose of fun

Be it Christmas Eve party, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, New Year’s Day party or a countless other theme parties, this month is an overdose of fun and joy! It provides a proper farewell to the current year, and an enthusiastic welcome party to the brand new year. No month, other than the one and only December, can do both at the same time.

Winter is here

December might be the last month of the year, but it is the first month of winter. Winter is so poetic, romantic and just dreamy. Cold weather brings people together; we yearn for warmth, love, and connection. It’s sweatshirt/warm sock/puffy jacket season; it’s when the pace of life slows down, when you can smell fresh winter air, you snuggle up to someone you love, curl up with a book and just have a moment to be grateful for your life. December always has something whimsical to offer.

Gift shopping…Yes, please!

The mall is decorated, Santa is giving away gifts, kids are laughing and everyone is feeling the holiday spirit! You spend hours picking out the best presents for your parents, your siblings, your friends…You grab some coffee, and maybe shop a little for yourself on the side. Gift shopping is the best, but do you know what it is my favourite part about all this? You will be receiving gifts too! It’s a win-win month.

A chance to spend time with the people you love

We tend to take things for granted because we are all imperfect, we are only human. We need a reminder from time to time to pause and count our blessings. December provides us with this opportunity, a chance to remember how incredibly fortunate we are to have those we love around us during the holidays. Make sure they’re feeling the love that the season brings too! Visit family members, call up your friends, and tell them you love them. It is a month of giving, and giving doesn’t always mean material objects. Spread your love.

End of the year introspecting!

It is hard to have a clear mind when you’re deep into the middle of something. Your judgment gets clouded by the feelings ruling you at the moment, but after the storm passes, when you reach the end of something, you can look back and start to analyse, start to pinpoint your mistakes and your right calls. What better month than December, the last month of the year, to figure this out! Before you wrap up your year, reflect on the things you did, learn from them, embrace it all and then move ahead in life.

It’s few weeks away from a fresh start

And here comes the best trait about December, you’re only a few weeks away from a fresh start. People always talk about second chances, new beginnings, though all they have to do is look at the calendar. Why waste our time blue sky thinking about what if we can start all over again though December is making that possible for us? The month encourages us to take advantage of it, to use it as an opportunity to plan out a better tomorrow, to map out a more successful year, and when we do so, we feel ready to cross that line between the ending and the beginning of a new year.

There you have it! As you can see, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! So get out and go enjoy it! Make it a December to remember.

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