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4 Amazing Sample Json Files And Apis


Here, you can download and view the sample JSON file. You can download and modify as per your requirements.

Nowadays mostly all cross-platform is used JSON objects and data for communication.  So, Here we added different types of JSON data and file for download and uses.

If you want to different file for your uses please contact us and we will add it for you. We have also added some API URL for directly used JSON data.

How to create JSON files

Check the below article for step-by-step guidelines for creating JSON files.

How to Create JSON File

How to Open JSON files

If you confused to open the JSON file then the below article will help you in that.

How to Open JSON files

JSON Examples

Here you can find some examples that directly use in your code.

JSON file example 1:

{  "Name":"Denu",  "Contact":12345678}

In the above example, the Name is a string type and contact is a number type. there are many data type is available in JSON. check out JSON Data Type for More info.

JSON file example 2:

    "firstName": "Rack",
    "lastName": "Jackon",
    "gender": "man",
    "age": 24,
    "address": {
        "streetAddress": "126",
        "city": "San Jone",
        "state": "CA",
        "postalCode": "394221"
    "phoneNumbers": [
        { "type": "home", "number": "7383627627" }

If you want to download sample excel data for analysis then click on it.

JSON format example:

{  "Name": "Test",  "Mobile": 12345678,  "Boolean": true,  "Pets": ["Dog", "cat"],  "Address": {    "Permanent address": "USA",   "current Address": "AU"  }}

You can also call sample-JSON API directly. Here, you can directly use the sample JSON URL to view the JSON file online.

Sample JSON API:


JSON URL example:


Checkout JSON Files

Download the below JSON file example and uses it as per your requirements.

Sample JSON file download

Below you got a .json file for download and reuse it as you need.

Sample JSON data

Below you got another JSON file sample for Download.

Sample JSON file with multiple records download

Here, You can find User data with 5 Records. You can check that record below and download it. If you want to download multiple data with employee records then scroll down a little bit more and you can find 3 records with employee information.

{  "users": [    {      "userId": 1,      "firstName": "Krish",      "lastName": "Lee",      "phoneNumber": "123456",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": 2,      "firstName": "racks",      "lastName": "jacson",      "phoneNumber": "123456",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": 3,      "firstName": "denial",      "lastName": "roast",      "phoneNumber": "33333333",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": 4,      "firstName": "devid",      "lastName": "neo",      "phoneNumber": "222222222",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": 5,      "firstName": "jone",      "lastName": "mac",      "phoneNumber": "111111111",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    }  ]}

Sample employee JSON data

Here, You can find employee JSON data. I have added 3 JSON Data. So, you can test it with multiple records. Change it as per your requirement and update as you want it’s all yours.

Checkout data below :

{  "Employees": [    {      "userId": "krish",      "jobTitle": "Developer",      "firstName": "Krish",      "lastName": "Lee",      "employeeCode": "E1",      "region": "CA",      "phoneNumber": "123456",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": "devid",      "jobTitle": "Developer",      "firstName": "Devid",      "lastName": "Rome",      "employeeCode": "E2",      "region": "CA",      "phoneNumber": "1111111",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    },    {      "userId": "tin",      "jobTitle": "Program Directory",      "firstName": "tin",      "lastName": "jonson",      "employeeCode": "E3",      "region": "CA",      "phoneNumber": "2222222",      "emailAddress": "[email protected]"    }  ]}
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