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28 Major Forex Pairs List You Should Know


28 major forex pairs list comprises the most traded 8 currencies. Among these 28 pairs, 21 are minor pairs, and 7 are major pairs. But all of the 28 pairs are traded randomly by forex traders, which makes these pairs so volatile and popular worldwide.

Nicknames of top 7 major currencies

  1. USD—USD is the currency of the United States of America. Many call this USD as buck also.
  2. GBP—Great Britain pound is the currency of England. Traders also know GBP as pound or sterling also.
  3. EUR—European countries like Italy, Germany, Cyprus use Euro. Another name of Euro is fiber.
  4. CAD—This is Canadian dollars. Another nickname of CAD is loonie.
  5. NZD—The short form of the New Zealand Dollar is NZD. Kiwi is the nickname of NZD
  6. AUD—Aussie is the nickname of the Australian Dollar.
  7. CHF—This is Switzerland’s currency. The nickname of CHF is swiss franc
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Best forex pairs for beginners

On an average of 6.5 trillion dollars traded every day, the forex market becomes the largest financial market in the world. In this huge market, many opportunities lie for experts who know how to trade profitably. But, on the contrary, many noobs lose money in this massive market due to their lack of knowledge.

Noobs make many mistakes but choosing the wrong pairs is the lethal one. That’s why as a beginner, you should know which currency you should trade and which should be avoided. EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/JPY,USD/CHF,USD/CAD,EUR/GBP,GBP/JPY are the best forex pairs for beginners.

If you are a beginner, stick to these pairs only as these are the easiest forex pairs to trade.

28 major forex pairs list

Do you know how many forex pairs are there? There are 128 currency pairs in the forex market. But volatility, interest rates, economic data, and politics are the core factors that make these 28 major forex pairs list so popular and tradable.

Forex pairs that trend best

Among these 28 major forex pairs list, not all the pairs are trendy. Some pairs are super slogging. Pairs which move fast are our favorite pairs. EUR/USD,GBP/USD,GBP/CAD,USD/CAD,GBP/AUD,GBP/NZD,GBP/JPY,EUR/JPY,EUR/AUD,EUR/CAD,EUR/NZD are the Forex pairs that trend best.

Best forex pairs for scalping

There are three types of traders. 


Day traders, 

and swing traders. Scalpers target only a few pips, like 5/20 pips where day targets 40/50 pips and swing traders target 80/100 pips per trade.

So as the target is different so pairs must differ for scalping as the spread is the main factor here. So if you choose the wrong pair like GBP/NZD for scalping, then your spread will eat out your profit.

For scalping, you should pick pairs that are super trendy and have less spread.



Are best forex pairs to scalp. As a scalper, you should stick to these two pairs only.

Which forex pairs pay the most

Most liquid pairs will pay the most. According to this law, AUD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD pay the most. However, the returns depend on how you place your trades. Your analysis will define your profit and loss. So if you trade these four pairs and your analysis goes your way, you will make a profit. But if your analysis goes wrong, then you will end your account-making loss.


I explained everything about the 28 major forex pairs list.  Among these 28, choose your best ones according to your trading style. For scalping, stick to 2,3 pairs.  If you are a day trader, then trade 7,8 pairs only. But if you are a long trader and prefer to swing trade, you can trade the whole 28 major forex pairs list.

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