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25+ Easy Fall Crafts For Kids

simple autumn crafts for kids

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Simple Kids Crafts for Fall!

Something about fall just screams craft time to me. Perhaps it’s the fun fall colors. Or the abundance of natural materials to use. Those things mixed with the dropping temperatures make easy fall crafts for kids the perfect activity for the season. I can just picture heating up some apple cider and gathering around with the family for an afternoon of making these colorful autumn kids’ crafts. Fall crafts for kids are the most fun!

That’s why I’ve curated this list of 25 simple autumn crafts to make with kids to get you started. Whatever the ages (even if it’s all grown up kids too), you’ll find a craft that will warm up your decor as the temperature drops.

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25+ Easy Crafts for Kids to Make This Fall


Mixed Media Leaf Collage Fall Craft for Kids

Try something unique this fall with this mixed media leaf art collage! 

Kids of all ages will be able to create this craft, but I can really see elementary aged kids using this technique to begin sparking their artistic eye and imagination.

Playing with the different textures of paper and colors you choose will help them start to see art and create collages in a new way they might not have done before.

The tutorial uses photocopied leaves, but don’t worry if you don’t have any real leaves or a photocopier. They have a free copy of leaves you can download right from the site.


Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids

You just can’t do fall crafting without some pumpkins, right?

It’s so cool how with just some paper, scissors, and glue you can create an infinite amount of adorable projects. These paper pumpkins look fancy. Like they’re store bought really. But the process is very simple and the tutorial has easy to follow instructions and photos.

I would love to see these strung together as a banner! 


Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Magnet Fall Craft for Kids

The one place I never think about decorating for new seasons and holidays is the refrigerator. But now I will!

This cute scarecrow magnet is perfect for kids of all ages to create. From toddlers to tweens, everyone will be able to recreate it. And it’ll put you in the harvest time spirit whenever you go to grab a snack. 

While the tutorial calls for using a glue gun, I think you could probably get away with just using regular Elmer’s glue as long as you give it plenty of time to dry.

The paint and decorating are simple enough. But tiny hands may need a little bit of help with the details like drawing the face.


Paper Weaving Kids Craft for Fall

Weaving is so fun. And it’s an easy fine motor skill activity for young kids. These cool fall printables make it easy for kids to start learning the principles of weaving in an easy way.

The results of these little woven crafts are actually super cute. I could see them hung up on a line of twine with clothespins for a festive fall banner.

I think older preschoolers and elementary school kids would be great for this project. Younger preschoolers and toddlers might have a hard time with it, though they’d get in some great fine motor practice.

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Easy No Sew Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins Simple Autumn Craft

Anyone into crafting might have an unreasonably large stash of yarn, and this is the perfect fall craft project to use some of it up!

It’s so easy to make these little pumpkins, anyone can do it. Plus you can even use a plastic bag as stuffing, reusing it instead of tossing it!

And don’t worry if you don’t have orange yarn on hand. You can go the traditional route with orange, but I’m sure kids would love making their pumpkins in a rainbow of colors too.

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Leaves in Fall Collage Autumn Leaf Craft

Leaves are a quintessential part of fall decor and crafting for kids of all ages. There’s so much you can do with them, and in many parts of the world, you can get all you want for free just by going outside!

This tutorial is about making a simple autumn leaves collage with your kids. The coolest part is that it isn’t just another craft, but a chance to learn!

Help your children learn the different types and leaves and learn which trees they came from. The perfect fall craft for kids if you are homeschooling too! 

I also like to cut out strips of construction paper for kids to paste leaves onto as a collage and then fit them together into a crown. That’s always a big hit with the little ones.


Kids Leaf Collection Activity for Kids

If you can’t (or don’t want) to use real leaves for crafting, try this free printable.

Just download, print, and let your kids have fun decorating their leaves. Plus, leaf identification is included so kids can learn which leaf belongs to which tree.

I also love how this tutorial includes a few different ways to use the leaves in kids’ crafts. My favorite is the leaf garland. 

Kids and grown ups of all ages can get involved in these crafts, and you can make the crafts as simple or intricate as you want depending on the age ranges.


Paper Bag Pumpkin Simple Autumn Craft

Paper bags are so versatile. I never thought about turning one into a pumpkin, but this tutorial makes it so easy to turn a plain paper bag into a little pumpkin for kids to decorate.

While the article shows you how to stuff the paper bag with some shredded paper, I would sneak candy in there and then use them as party favors or gifts at kids’ school.

Though if you’re making these with your kids, you’ll probably need plenty of extra candy on hand to fulfill their sweet tooth.

Kids of all ages can help with creating these too. It might be a bit toddler or preschool for tweens or older kids to get a lot out of the process, but maybe they can do the harder parts the little kids can’t do, like tying the bows!


Autumnal Sun Catcher Fall Leaf Craft

Fall is so magical in the woods when you see the light shining through the colorful leaves. And with this craft you can recreate that magic at home. 

Simply lay down leaves on contact paper in a pattern you like and stick it to your window. It doesn’t get much easier, or enchanting, than that.

An easy fall craft for kids of all ages. If you love easy crafts little ones can do, check out these 15 Preschool Fall Crafts!


Paper Halloween Luminaries Kids Crafts for Fall

Luminaries create such a gorgeous ambiance, and now that we have flameless candles so readily available, you can use them without worrying all night about safety.

These luminaries are so simple and require just white paper bags, a marker, and flameless tea candles. The whole family can get in on decorating these and can make them as elaborate as they want from a basic face to intricate designs.

It would make for a really fun Halloween night to have these lining the walk to your door for trick or treaters.


Gradient Banner Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Kids

Whenever you can use foraged items or materials you already have for crafts, I’m all for it! Not only is it better for the environment, it saves money too.

You should have all you need to create this gradient banner in or around your home. If not then take a leaf gathering trip through a local park. Let kids’ imaginations go wild by creating a banner they will love hanging up as a cool fall decoration. 

Grown ups can make these too. And easily turn it into something really aesthetically pleasing that fits the trendy farmhouse decor!


Owl Toilet Paper Roll Kids Crafts for Fall

Owls and googly eyes are fan favorites in my house. So this craft will be a huge hit!

Toilet paper roll crafts make basically every best of list because they are fun, simple, and it’s cool to be able to reuse household items that would otherwise have gone in the trash.

This colorful owl is so cute, and it’s really easy to make even though the feathering looks a little complicated. 

For toddlers cut out the pieces for the feathers and wings ahead of time, but with preschoolers and elementary age kids you can let them practice their cutting skills with this craft! 


DIY Autumn Tree Pop Up Card Autumn Craft for Kids to Make

Spread the fall vibes with fun pop up cards! My grade schooler loves making pop-up cards. Something about that added element of something “popping” really adds to the fun.

Without a tutorial, I’m not sure if I would have figured out how to make these cool autumn cards. But with the instructions and photos as a guide, it looks really easy to do.

Elementary kids could probably do it all on their own. Kindergarten and under would need a little help with the setup.

You only need a few supplies, and kids of all ages will let their creativity flow while creating the trees.


Pumpkin Pointillism Autumn Art

This pumpkin art sounds super fancy because it uses the painting technique of pointillism. But in reality it’s just making a bunch of dots with q-tips. Easy AND gives your kids a bit of art knowledge at the same time.

Using a pointillism technique like this creates a cool effect. And it’s also helpful for kids developing strength in their hands that will help them write when ready.

But I think kids of all different ages will enjoy this because as they get older they can play with different ways of creating the effect.


Easy Crayon Rubbing Fall Leaf Craft for Kids

I remember doing leaf rubbings as a kid, and thinking it was just like magic! This is a classic easy fall kids’ craft!

It’s as easy as grabbing some leaves, making the rubbings, and then letting them color them in with crayons.

This actually looks like a really calming and therapeutic activity for adults who need to destress too. Kind of like an adult coloring book. Plus, you can use this activity to teach your kids different types of trees and leaves.


Candy Corn Suncatcher Kids Craft for Autumn

Candy corn might not be most people’s favorite candy, but it definitely doesn’t feel like the fall without them. So instead of eating them, you can make them with this really easy tutorial.

Suncatchers can make a room feel magical with all the different colors of light dancing around the room, and they’re so easy to make even toddlers can do it. All you need is tissue paper, construction paper, scissors, and some glue. Easy peasy.


Q-tip Painted Pumpkin Easy Craft for Kids to Make This Fall

Want to decorate pumpkins, but without the gooey mess and sharp tools? Paint them!

These colorful pumpkins use the same painting technique as the pointillism pumpkins above, but instead you paint directly on a pumpkin.

So fun and easy for little ones. Plus, the end result is really cute and something you’ll love displaying on your front steps or mantle. All ages from toddlers to grown ups can get in on the painting.

And if you love the idea of painted pumpkins for fall, you can find more pumpkin painting ideas for kids here!


Oatmeal Cream Pie Scarecrow Craft for Fall

Are the kids having a festive school party, and do you need a treat to send with them? Try these adorable scarecrow cookies (no cooking involved!)!

It’s literally as simple as printing out the free template on card stock, cutting out the pieces, and sticking them onto the cookie packaging.

It’s easy as could be, but still packs a punch in the aesthetics department. And little ones will enjoy putting these cookies together. The basic decoration makes a humble oatmeal cookie feel fancy.


Recycled Puzzle Trees Easy Fall Leaf Craft

Do you even have kids if you don’t have a few puzzles laying around with more than a few pieces missing? I am always so torn on what to do with them, and this idea is genius!

First of all, you can finally put abandoned puzzles to use. Secondly, the painting method is so fun for kids.

This tutorial uses a sponge to paint the pieces, so it’s almost like a sensory experience along with painting. Kids will have a lot of fun with this, and it’s foolproof.

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Cupcake Liner Owl Kids Crafts for Autumn

Owls are just so cute! I can’t say no to an owl craft for the kids. And I love owls and woodland creature themed crafts for kids in the fall.

The cupcake liners are a cool idea for the owl body. It’s really easy to create, and they add some interesting texture to the body that looks like feathers.

Older kids can do this on their own, but smaller kids might need some help with folding the cupcake liners just right.


Fall Apple Craft for Kids

I think the only item more versatile than a pool noodle for hacks is duct tape. Seriously, they have so many great uses, like making these easy apple crafts.

It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut with kids’ crafts, especially painting. So I’m always looking for new ways and items for kids to paint with, and these pool noodles are perfect! By cutting them into slices it creates a stamp to make the apples in this craft, but I can see using them to make donut paintings too!

And it’s something to do with any pool noodles that got a little mangled over the summer.


Paper Scarecrow Simple Autumn Crafts to Make

Kids will be so impressed with this moveable paper scarecrow.

With the free fall craft printable in this tutorial, it will be a snap to put together this sweet little scarecrow. And the way you can move the limbs around makes it like a toy for kids once you’re done.

I could see an older sibling make this with a younger sibling because it seems like even though it is easy, pushing the pins in to attach the parts might be hard for really little kids.


Acorn Handprint Fall Crafts for Kids

Handprint crafts are a must-do for little ones. This one is easy and fun to do. But more importantly, it’s a keepsake to remember those tiny little hands forever. 

I like the acorn design of these fall kids’ crafts, it feels fresh and unique for fall. These ones are on a towel, but you could create them on a bunch of different mediums like plain paper, canvas, or even t-shirts!

In fact, if you do make these on towels, I suggest still having paper ready for kids to keep stamping on after the towels are done. They’ll probably want to keep going even after the main craft is complete. 


Tin Can Pumpkin Easy Craft for Kids to Make This Fall

Yay for more reusing and recycling! Hang onto those tin cans to add to your fall decor with these tin can pumpkins. 

I love doing this type of craft with little kids because it’s as simple as slapping some paint on a few key items that come together to create a special craft.

They don’t need to paint inside the lines, just have fun and get messy. Plus this craft makes for fun fall decor!


Rainbow Leaf Prints Craft

No crayons? No problem! Create beautiful leaf prints with this method that uses markers. 

These rainbow leaf prints are gorgeous! I can’t get over it, and I want to do it myself even if the kids don’t. It’s a unique take on leaf rubbing. Instead of rubbing paper over the leaf, you color the leaf with markers and use it as a stamp. Genius! And kids will have so much fun with it.

Autumn Kids Crafts to Celebrate the Season

Fall is a magical time, and you can bring some of that magic indoors with these easy fall crafts for kids (not to mention get some quality time together!). Whether you’re crafting with toddlers, preschoolers, older kids or even tweens and teens, you’ll find fun fall crafts on this list that will work for your family. So get cozy and crafting for autumn.

Get Creative with these Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

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