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10 Teen Blogging Topics To Jump Start Creative Ideas


Teen Blogging Topics

If you have a teenager who is interested in blogging, it may be a good idea to help them find some appropriate blog topics for teenagers. There is often a lack of direction when it comes to expressing themselves through their writing, so having some helpful topics to look through might just inspire that creativity to motion.

Here is a list of ten interesting and “cool” things for teenagers to blog about.

On a different note, these topics are often used on standardized tests as personal narrative topics or for English essay assignments. Your teenager will think that they are just telling a story, but they are really writing a rough draft for a personal narrative!

Write about your favorite hobby.

It is always good to let teenagers express the things they like to do. Many times this is an outlet to talk about what they like as opposed to what they don’t like. Keeping things positive is always good when it comes to teenagers.

Write about your dream vacation.

This topic could be simple or it could inspire some research. It is shocking how many teenagers have a worldview that is limited to the United States. Encourage them to find a place in the world that they would really like to travel and then write about it.

Write about what you like most in a friend.

This topic will help your teenager to reflect on character traits about the friends in their lives. There will be value attached to this blog, and it will also help them to recognize important characteristics in the people the love, but also those same characteristics in characters in books or people in history.

If you could do anything and get paid a million dollars a year for it, what would it be?

This topic takes the monetary value of work out of choosing a job, and relies on passion alone. This will help your student see what he really likes and could see himself spending his life doing. If money is not object, decisions are usually made from the heart instead of from the pocket book. This will give them a good basis for where to start planning their future career.

If you could meet any famous person dead or alive, who would it be?

This is a commonly asked question, but only because the answer often changes. Different seasons of life bring different interests in people in history. Who would want to meet when you are twelve is often different from who you would want to meet when you are seventeen. This is a topic that could be reflected upon yearly.

What movie character best represents you?

This one will require more thought that they realize, but is a fun way to get teenagers to identify with character traits and qualities that they want their lives to represent. You can find out a lot about what a teenagers values in this blog topic for teenagers.

Who is your Hero?

This is a good question for teenagers to consider in this day in age because there is a lack of good role models and people to look up to.

What is the world’s biggest problem and how would you fix it?

This blog topic for teenagers gives them the chance to expand not only their worldview, but identify their place in the world. The biggest movements for justice in human history have been started and carried out by young people. The young people of this generation know very little about the world, and this topic gives them a chance to decide what matters to them.

If you were president, what law would you change and what new law would you make?

Teenagers like to be empowered, so this topic let’s them change things they don’t like and make something new to take its place.

What do you see yourself doing in twenty years?

For most teenagers, this is a tough question because they have not even lived twenty years. Twenty years seems like an eternity, but it helps them to have a long-sighted vision for their lives.

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